LK Hjelle celebrating Fredrik Kayser’s 100th year anniversary with a new launch: Model 711 in sheepskin

During this year’s 3 Days of Design, we had two exciting launches: the Siesta series in smoked oak stain and the anniversary edition of Model 711 in sheepskin to celebrate what would have been Fredrik A. Kayser’s 100th birthday!

Model 711 – Fredrik A. Kayser, 1960
Even though it was designed over 60 years ago, the chair is just as relevant today and stands strong as a Norwegian design icon. The Nordic aesthetics make the chair easily adapt to modern architecture. But a chair is nothing without high comfort, the angle of the chair makes you sit correctly and comfortably.

Light, modern and functional are all characteristics of Fredrik A. Kayser’s design. Model 711 shows clear references to Danish design and radiates good craftsmanship. Kayser designed the chair in 1960 and the same year he won first prize in the chair competition for the Industry Council for Furniture.



Scandinavian spirit
Fredrik A. Kayser’s designs carry that unmistakable Danish flair, blended with a true Scandinavian spirit. Enter the armchair MODELL 711. Though it whispers of mid-century vibes, this chair is ageless. Today, it slides right into modern spaces, its Nordic elegance shining bright. MODELL 711 isn’t just a chair; it’s a Norwegian design legend in the making, set to stay stylish for years to come.



Siesta – Ingmar Relling, 1965
The soft cushions make the Siesta the typical loungechair, but the simple frame gives the chair a feeling of lightness. The cushions and the flexible frame together provide a very high level of seating comfort. The result? Siesta is the perfect chair for relaxation, the perfect chair for a classic siesta.

It was in 1965 that Ingmar Relling designed his largest creation: the Siesta chair. The chair played an important role in the growth and international success of the Norwegian furniture industry in the middle of the 20th century. Today, Siesta stands out as an internationally recognized classic and a Norwegian design icon.