Ljungbergs Factory proudly presents Salmiak

Ljungbergs Factory proudly presents Salmiak

179 year old textile group leaps into the future – Ljungbergs Factory proudly presents Salmiak

The historical textile group Ljungbergs has an amazing experience of handcrafted textiles and an enormous treasure of designers’ patterns. The new owners want to bring new life to the classical patterns by extending the offering to a variety of exclusive items, new target groups, and also by creating new patterns inspired by the classical ones. The new era starts with the new name Ljungbergs Factory. One of the corner stones to reach consumers will be the brand new website ljungbergsfactory.com

In February 2013, Jan Carlstein and Jonas Wåhlander aquired the textile group Ljungbergs. The new brand name Ljungbergs Factory is the first step in moving the company into new heights. The mission is to offer more products for a wider segment, among others the fashion industry.  Ljungbergs Factory has launched a brand new online flagship store ljungbergsfactory.com that will offer sustainable and high quality products directly to consumers.

The well-known design studio Nyström & Persia, a strategic design partner, will examine the enormous archive of patterns, to develop new products. Furthermore they will design new patterns together with Ljungbergs Factory and create partnerships with designers. The aim is to create a network of designers that can give new glory and strength to the brand.


Besides brand new patterns the designer co-operation will also result in modernised versions of classical patterns. The first example is the pattern Salmiak by Nyström & Persia that has been inspired by the worldwide known pattern Pythagoras by Sven Markelius from the early 1950’s.

Salmiak was launched 18th of June in Stockholm. Exclusive silk scarves are the first products of this new pattern. This is the first time in more than one hundred years that silk is hand printed in Sweden due to the fact that it is a very complicated process.

Naim Josefi, the Swedish Project Runaway winner in 2012, will design the other fashion items in this collection.

Other new products

Other new products launched now on the 18th are beautiful designer bedding linen with some of Stig Lindbergs best known patterns; Tallyho, Grazia and Melodi. Wonderful cushion covers by Sven Markelius, Stig Lindberg and Viola Gråsten. Exclusive trays by Stig Lindberg, Olle Eksell and Viola Gråsten, Tablecloths by Lisa Larson and wall paper with the classical Stig Lindberg pattern Fruktlåda.

In the future the company will announce new product and patterns frequently.

“There are so many exiting patterns and products to be made. We have an almost 180 year old treasure just waiting to be exposed”, explains the CEO of the company Jonas Wåhlander.

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Jonas Wåhlander, MD