Let us present Pavo, design Broberg & Ridderstråle! – Klong

Let us present Pavo, design Broberg & Ridderstråle!

Finding lamps that are a good fit in the window niche is not easy, even if they are a necessity in countries like Sweden, where darkness is pervasive in the winter months. The Pavo table lamp, super-svelte in format, fits perfectly on a windowsill or other narrow spaces, such as a bedside table or a sofa side table. On or off, Pavo is an alluring piece that draws the eye and enhances the interior of any room with its
strong, unique character.

The lamp consists of a base of solid aluminium and a lamp shade of recycled polymer. The combination of the bright semi-circular shade and the solid base creates an exciting contrast in shape and colour and gives the room a beautiful silhouette. The light source that emits a warm glow has been carefully adjusted to create the best possible light distribution in the evening. During the day, the milky white lampshade captures the daylight and acts as a beautiful object in itself.

Regardless of the nature of the assignment, Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle wish to form an emotional connection with the object they are creating. Their inspiration is derived from everyday life combined characteristically with a humorous twist. By adding a unique detail to a classic shape a new identity is born, making it stand out.