Last week, Fredericia previewed Jasper Morrison’s Jota Lounge Collection

Jota Lounge Collection

At this year’s 3daysofdesign, we preview Jasper Morrison’s Jota Lounge Collection. This series combines heritage with contemporary production, exemplifying Morrison’s vision of creating harmonious and inviting spaces. The collection is distinguished by its refined upholstery and clean lines, making it ideal for both home and hospitality settings. Crafted meticulously at the Fredericia workshop in Svendborg, Denmark, the collection will be launched this autumn.

‚Ä®Jasper Morrison’s designs are celebrated for their minimalist elegance, combining modernity with a timeless appeal. Known for prioritising function over form, Morrison creates pieces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
In 2016, Morrison introduced the Taro and Pon Tables, which are made from solid oak for Fredericia. These tables are characterised by a simple, unassuming design that seamlessly integrates with their surroundings and gains a beautiful patina over time.