Lars Vejen ‘Design Collaborations’ @ northmodern

Lars Vejen is a designer and architect with an impressive portfolio, who now also can call himself CEO and entrepreneur with his own name brand. Just like the Lars Vejen brand, northmodern is fueled by creative drive, curiosity and unconventional collaborations that inspire the world. It is therefore also a natural choice for northmodern, as a global platform dedicated to boosting creative and commercial synergy, to support Lars Vejen and his project ‘Design Collaborations’, in order to reach out and inspire as many people as possible.

The Lars Vejen brand shows that there are no limits to what design can do and it literally makes design matter in new ways. Vejen’s work spans from jewelry over small interior objects, to large-scale contract market designs. A testimony to talent, modern co-creation, global vision and the power of synergies.

Lars Vejen is launching his “Design Collaborations” project in Århus in June, 2016, followed by an extended brand launch at northmodern in Copenhagen, August 18th-20th, 2016.