Poul Havgaard, a Danish blacksmith and jewellery designer began his long association with Lapponia Jewelry in 1971. Although his creativity began when he was a blacksmith, he has restored murals and frescos in medieval churches. He has also designed ceramics collections for well-known companies. As a jewellery designer, Havgaard made a name for himself in the 1960s with the unique pieces of jewellery and sculptures he forged in iron and steel, his favourite materials. He still creates these pieces in his workshop on the island of Fyn in Denmark.
  Havgaard's design language can be characterised as organic and close to nature. The asymmetric forms so popular in his pieces of jewellery create a perfectly balanced whole. Havgaard considers that adorning oneself for another person is one of the key factors that has influenced culture. The artist often likes to emphasize the sensual nature of jewellery. Pieces of jewellery are part of the body language of sensuality, important tools in influencing the other sex.

Necklace BULLETIN and ADORATION earrings yellowgold Bracelet SUBSTANCE yellowgold
Bracelet EXPOSURE sterlingsilver Necklace EUPHORIA sterlingsilver, amber

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