Lamino celebrates its 60th birthday

Lamino celebrates its 60th birthday

Lamino celebrates its 60th birthday, 1956-2016

“ It’s perhaps not a bad lifetime achievement to have made one good chair”, said Yngve Ekström.

One good chair”. Yngve Ekström designed many good pieces of furniture,
even many good chairs.

Lamino had a good number of predecessors and imitators —
Ekström designed easy chairs of glue-laminated bentwood
from the 1940s until his death at the end of the 1980s;
Anders, Per, Kurva, Båge, Laminett, Primo…
You might say they are all variations of the same chair.

One good chair.
In which case, Lamino is the jewel in the crown.
Created in 1956 and manufactured ever since
by skilful craftsmen in Vaggeryd in southern Sweden.
From selected veneer that is laminated, pressed into its beautiful shape
and covered with fabric, leather or sheepskin.
Just as meticulously as in Yngve Ekström’s time.



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