Kraftverk – Crafts for a New Age @ Sven-Harrys konstmuseum

Kraftverk – Crafts for a New Age
5 October 2022 – 22 January 2023

Dazzling colours in the florist’s workshop, the scents of wood and metal emanating from the axe maker’s space and the persistent hum of the tattoo artist’s needle. This fall, sparks will fly at Sven-Harrys konstmuseum when we invite ten craftspeople to move into the museum (literally!) for our exhibition Kraftverk – Crafts for a New Age. Visitors will be welcomed into these (temporary) workshops to experience the great power and expressiveness of contemporary Swedish crafts. These craftspeople are passing on traditions, but they nonetheless remain firmly rooted in the present.

The exhibition Kraftverk – Crafts for a New Age is produced in collaboration with the venerable Swedish Craft and Small Business Association, which celebrates its 175th anniversary this year. The exhibition highlights the historic significance of crafts, the experience of their practice, and the many craftspeople who continue to keep old traditions and unique, professional skill sets alive. Visitors will be able to see, feel, smell, listen and taste the worlds of all these crafts that will be available for exploration.

The exhibition will feature an axe maker, a mural painter, a doll maker, a tattoo artist, a shoemaker, a florist, an upholsterer, a textile worker, an illustrator, and a pastry chef – a group of craftspeople who are united by the various ways in which they pass on tradition.

About the Swedish Craft and Small Business Association
Stockholms Hantverksförening (The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association) was founded in 1847, in acknowledgment of the significance of crafts in modern society and the symbiotic relationship that exists between the capital city and its various craftspeople. The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association has promoted the growth and development of Stockholm for 175 years. Over the years, the members have applied their skills to making Stockholm the beautiful city it is today. The association’s efforts are no less important today. The Swedish Craft and Small Business Association counts practitioners of more than 300 different professional crafts among its members, and the association’s own school, Hantverksakademin, offers professional training in about 80 different disciplines.


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