Korg by Mats Theselius – Källemo

Korg by Mats Theselius – Källemo

KORG by Mats Theselius
Steel frame in chrome or copper. Moulded frame in ash, down filled cushions.
Fabric or leather.
h 73, b 63, d 62 cm
KORG av Mats Theselius
Stålstativ i krom eller koppar. Formpressat sittskal, kuddar i dunblandning.
Tyg eller läder
h 73, b 63, d 62 cm

What is quality? Furniture is a concept, with a will of its own, conveying an expression. Our ambition is to work with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for-ac- complishment unaffected by trends.On reflection, it is obvious that quality is just not mea- sured in term of such things as strength of glued joints, etc. The measurable aspect is quanti- ty, whereas quality is a broader concept and can not be measured in the traditional sense. The most important aspect is the visual quality. Good quality means long-term validity.


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