Kolonn is a planter that has a strong personality but a subtle presens by Jesper Ståhl – Byarums Bruk

Kolonn, design by Jesper Ståhl.

Kolonn is the Swedish word for “column” referring to the vertical beams of classical architecture. A common theme for many of these columns is the use of concave surfaces sculpted into the solid material, dividing larger areas into smaller and enhancing the vertical lines. In the work of creating Kolonn, this was the very inspiration. Creating a solid planter in recycled aluminium was the goal.


Kolonn is a modular set of planters aimed for the public outdoor space. By creating separate corners and sides, we can offer Kolonn in various sizes in depth and width creating multiple option. As the corner is separate we could give the corner piece a roundness fitting the character of the design and hide the split line along the vertical pattern.


The concave surfaces creates this solid impression that fits the material and process so well, enhancing the character of the sand cast aluminium. Furthermore, we did not want the traditional lip of the upper edge of the design, we did not want anything stopping the visual vertical direction starting from the container and moving up towards the plants. Also note the playfulness of the pattern, the different width and sometimes transition from one to two surfaces. Organic like the nature.

Kolonn is a planter that has a strong personality but a subtle presens. Adding character to the modern as well as the classical environment.