Klenell Wretman Wåhlström summer exhibition @ Galleri Glas

2 June – 18 August 2022

It does not always turn out as planned, but often something better and more interesting. The idea arose in that we wanted to show smaller glass sculptures by Ann Wåhlström. Ann in turn invited two artist colleagues, Fredrik Wretman and Simon Klenell, to exhibit with her.

“I had seen a fantastic exhibition with a long shelf of small bronze castings by Wretman, so I immediately thought of him,” says Ann Wåhlström. “I work with Klenell, Simon blows my glass, and I love his object, so it was pretty obvious. When both said yes, it felt like a very natural selection. “

The result has been an exhibition of sculptures, most, but not all, of which are relatively small in format. Not all are made of glass either. Yet the whole is united in soul and temperament. The sculptures are also complemented by wall-hung works by Wretman. “It is a connection that we do not need to explain but can leave to the viewer to decide,” says Anna Bromberg at Galleri Glas.

The exhibition is designed in collaboration with Tom Hedqvist, who in 2020 designed the gallery’s group exhibition of contemporary Swedish and international glass art.

Ann Wåhlström shows smaller, further developed versions of her nature-inspired drip and stone shapes from her successful exhibition at Galleri Glas 2019. “I have dug where I stand and wanted to continue exploring these shapes. New elements with color have entered the graphic gray and black and white. I’m still by the sea and the seaweed, maybe a little forest too.”

Fredrik Wretman has made a selection of smaller sculptures in glass, bronze and wax. In addition, he shows a number of prints on rice paper. “When I was asked, I answered, of course, but only if I could do something in glass. I was thinking of my father’s artistically designed collection of carafes. They were Greek ladies, hand in hand with pistols, dogs and cats, all in glasses and fitted with stoppers. They seemed magically triggering to my imagination and I still often think of them. ”

Simon Klenell also continues to develop the expression from his previous successful exhibition at Galleri Glas 2020, with his acclaimed experiments with traditional crystal techniques, all hand-blown in his own famous studio cabin STHLM GLAS in Gustavsberg. Crystal glass is ground in formations. I work more geometrically and with compositions that are reminiscent of letters, ” concludes Simon Klenell.

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