Five new design creations from Klaessons Möbler

This year, Swedish Klaessons Möbler can present a number of new creations in its range of designer furniture for public environments and areas. The furniture’s distinguishing characteristics are its quality, flexibility and a strict Scandinavian language of design, which guarantee its success in a wide range of settings.

Partner — a completely new, streamlined and versatile chair that offers optimal seating comfort, by Swedish designer Jacob Zeilon.

Piano — a new, wooden chair with a strict expression, by the Finnish designer duo Yrjö Wiherheimo and Simo Heikkilä. Piano is gradually developing into a family, with a chair, stool, bar stool and table.

Longo continues to grow as a sofa and bench system. It's most recent addition is a curved sofa and bench section, designed by Danish Komplot.

Agenda Conference is a new, comprehensive design concept — an exclusive conference table, table/table system and storage unit, for meetings, conferences and work, designed by Komplot.

The Adam series, chairs and tables with simple lines, designed by Yrjö Wiherheimo and Simo Heikkilä, has now been complemented by a new bar stool. Adam now also comes as standard in two different as well as a new surface option with a through out coloured melamine layer in several tones.

Partner, streamlined and ageless chair by Jacob Zeilon

A beautiful chair, upholstered in surprisingly striking red leather. Or. Exceedingly discreet and elegantly upholstered in a light fabric. Partner is a new, upholstered chair from Klaessons, designed by Swedish architect, Jacob Zeilon. The chair has an ageless, streamlined design, which gives it an attractive overall appearance, pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Emphatic overall impression

Jacob Zeilon has chosen a language of design with a disposition that harmonises superbly with modern-day conference and meeting rooms. The modified padding (cold-foamed polyurethane in the back and seat) moulds itself to the contours of the body, offering comfort and flexibility throughout an active meeting. Partner gives an emphatic overall impression, according to Zeilon and Klaessons.

A number of designs
Partner is available in a number of designs, with four supporting legs, with or without armrests. It is also available with a specially engineered star base. The star base design features either automatic height and swivel adjustment or a knee tilt mechanism with tilt lock. Lift height adjustment with gas-lift control lever.
The Partner conference chair has a natural place around, for example, Agenda Base, the elliptical conference table from Klaessons.
Partner’s fully upholstered design conceals all parts. The plywood and steel structure is integrated into the moulded padding. The chair can easily be lifted and moved thanks to its light weight and integrated handle. In the basic version of Partner, the star base and armrest supports are available in chrome or powder-coated, standard silver-grey.

Piano is accompanied by a bar stool, stool and table series

Wood and light birch in particular are something of a hallmark for Klaessons Möbler. The Finnish design duo, Yrjö Wiherheimo and Simo Heikkilä, were asked to pursue a tradition when commissioned to design a new wooden chair for the 21st century. The result was Piano, a contemporary wooden chair with an austere and fastidious Scandinavian design.

Wooden chair

The chair was exhibited for the first time in 2003 and quickly became a success for Klaessons. Piano is now expanding with a series of tables, a stool and a bar stool in the same reliable design and material. This forms a whole. All bearing the signatures of the duo Wiherheimo and Heikkilä, with a special feeling for wood.
Piano is made of birch, and the seat and back are made of compression-moulded veneer. The design is further emphasised by carefully worked features in the composite material. The chair has a two-component lacquer finish, CM latex foam filling and transparent melamine coating on the seat and back.
Piano is available both with and without arms, as a bar stool or stool. As a chair it can be connected to others. As a bar stool it functions best in a group. The stool, however, always looks natural wherever it’s placed. Wooden parts can be stained in a choice of colours. The seat and inner back can be upholstered in fabric or leather. The seat and back can also be foiled in a range of colours. Apart from the lack of back, the same options are available for both the bar stool and the stool.

Forms a family

The table series consists of two tables of different sizes (70x70 cm and 70x140 cm). The designs and features are the same as those of the other family members. The frame and trestles come as standard in birch, while the top is available in both birch and laminate. The Piano series of furniture adorns all manner of settings, from hotels to private homes.

Longo curves comfortably...

The Longo sofa and bench system from Klaessons keeps on growing. Komplot, the Danish designer duo, has created a curved sofa and bench section that gives Longo an even greater choice of combination options and uses. First and foremost, Longo has been designed for waiting rooms and other meeting places where we expect comfortable seating and stylish furniture. Longo has a fastidious design, with a focus on functionality and multiple combinations.
Structure in laminated wood. Seat and back upholstered in fabric. Cold-foamed polyurethane padding and filling material in different grades of load-bearing capacity. Chromed steel or lacquered legs. A range of different accessories are available for Longo, including tables, armrests, side tables, etc. Together all of this offers tremendous scope for combinations with a shared language of design.

Agenda Base, conference table with integrated Audio/IT features

Contemporary conference tables call for smart solutions. Integration is a keyword for Agenda Base, the new, elliptical conference table from Klaessons. Not only does the table feature a cable recess (for electrical, telecom or network cables) with a non-pinch panel, it also has room for a host of various audio and IT solutions.
The very latest feature is a mirror head for a data/video projector, stylishly incorporated into the table. The projector rests in the recess and then when it is required the mirror head is lifted up out of the Agenda Base table — an exclusive conference table with its distinctively pure and simple look, designed by Danish Komplot. It is available either in an elliptical or straight line design.
Agenda Base’s top is made of laminated wood and particle board and it lies stably on two metal pedestal bases. There is a choice of two cast iron feet, either in a round or crossed style. Agenda Base can be adjusted lengthways and is the ideal table for board rooms or other settings where good design and functionality have high priority.
Base is part of the Agenda conference furniture. Other components are Agenda Link, a conventional and flexible table/table system that permits a range of combinations, and Agenda Combine, a wooden storage system that can be built up according to requirements, in the same language of design.

New bar stool in the Adam series from Klaessons

The Adam series of stools grows with the addition of a new member. This is a bar stool designed by the Finnish duo Yrjö Wiherheimo and Simo Heikkilä. With this addition, the Adam series now comprises a chair, armchair and bar stool. All models can be stacked, and the chair and armchair can also be connected. Adam has a chrome steel structure and legs, while the seat and back have either an upholstered or an un-upholstered veneer.
Another new feature is a number of different melamine colours on the back and seat. Adam now also comes in two standard heights. The new, low profile gives a totally modern, more compact impression. Higher version: 900 mm Lower version: 830 mm.
Adam is a chair with a diverse range of uses. Perfect in many settings, from cafés to lecture halls. A detachable writing tablet is available as an optional accessory.


Klaessons sets its sights on the future

New partner. An even sharper focus on design. Klaessons Möbler is a robust company that has its sights set firmly on the future and the international market for designer furniture for public areas and environments. The core values for Klaessons Möbler today are design, quality and flexibility. The company is part owned by office furniture manufacturer Kinnarps Möbler.

Since 1896

The first items of furniture were produced back in 1896 at Klaessons’ family-owned furniture factory in Fjugesta in central Sweden. The furniture in those days was made by hand and consisted mainly of wooden chairs and other seating furniture for public places, meeting halls and offices, and then later on for institutes too. However, over the last decade, the range has changed, as have the principal customer groups. Yet there remains an unwavering fondness for wood, the original material of the furniture, and this is now accompanied by a vigorous Scandinavian language of design expressed by the company’s own team of foremost designers.
The Klaessons Design Team was organised in the early 90s. It includes distinguished Swedish, Danish and Finnish designers who work with untiring dedication, as a team or individually, to produce new furniture designs for Klaessons.

The Klaessons Design Team

The team today consists of seven designers who all share a profound love of design. These designers are Komplot (Paul Christiansen and Boris Berlin) in Denmark, Simo Heikkilä and Yrjö Wiherheimo in Finland, Birgitta Lööf, Jack Ränge and Jacob Zeilon in Sweden.
The designer furniture that Klaessons produces today — chairs, easy chairs, sofas, tables and storage cupboards — can be found in London’s financial district, in Manhattan, in embassies in Tokyo and in the futuristic factories of IT and pharmaceutical companies.

Kinnarps now a partner

The Swedish office furniture manufacturer, Kinnarps, has been a minority shareholder since December 2003. This means that Klaessons Möbler now enjoys a stronger financial position that provides the company with opportunities to concentrate with greater intensity on the international market and, not least, on product development and design. Seen in a wider context, Klaessons’ product range will be an excellent complement to Kinnarps’ range. The two companies form a whole. Kinnarps represents the foundation with its functional office systems, while Klaessons’ range complements this with seating and conference furniture, and accessories too.
The Managing Director and principal owner of Klaessons Möbler is Claes Lybeck.

For further information:
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