Kindt-Larsen taburet design by Tove and EdvardKindt-Larsen – onecollection

The Danish design couple Tove and EdvardKindt-Larsen designed from the 30’ies and in the time hereafter a row of ground-breaking furniture, carpets, jewellery and m.m. Edvard Kindt-Larsen was a student of Kaare Klint, but as early as in the 1930 he broke with Klint and his school, as he wanted to develop a more emancipated and modern style, which was not tied to the classicism and English furniture role models.


Kindt-Larsen was levelling with his friend Finn Juhl, and they were the first to develop a type of chairs, which clearly distinguished the leading from the lead. In contradiction to Finn Juhl, Kindt-Larsen’s mode of expres-sion was more moderate and artistically controlled. The Kindt-Larsen couple was for many years in charge of Snedkerlaugets exhibitions, which became the base of the development of Danish furniture design.



Through an inspiring co-operation with Kindt-Larsen’s son Onecollection is proud to re-launch the turnable stool from 1957. This delicate and sophisticated piece of furniture is in detail produced in a high cabinet maker’s quality.

The back is hammered steel plate and upholstered with leather. The Kindt-Larsen stool is available with or without back and is made in walnut or ash and upholstered with vegetal leather. A used stool from the 1950’ies has just been sold at kr. 34.000 at the Bruun Rasmussen Auctionhouse.
Design: Tove- & Edv. Kindt-Larsen, 1957.