In February 1999 Jonas Bohlin opened his own show-room at Södermalmstorg 4, at Slussen in Stockholm, where objects designed by Jonas Bohlin are exposed and can be purchased. The objetcs are produced by Jonas Bohlin Design AB and manufactured in Sweden, mostly in small workshops by skilled workers. Material and work are of highest quality.

Photo: Lennart Kaltea

Jonas Bohlin´s works range from furniture, light fittings, glass and textiles, to art objects and installations. It also comprises huge projects, like the creation of a new design education or an eighteen months long happening, comprising the build of a traditional, Swedish boat for fuor rowers, and climaxing in a three month rowing session on the channels of Europe, from Stockholm to Paris. That project was called LIV, the Swedish word for life (also Latin for 54 ­ the total number of rowers!).