Iris Hantverk wins Formex Formidable 2017 design award

Iris Hantverk wins Formex Formidable 2017 design award

The jury-assessed award, Formex Formidable 2017, goes to Iris Hantverk for its broom for outdoor use. The designer is Lovisa Wattman. The honorary ‘People’s Choice’ award, which is determined by the public, goes to Eldblås for its double woven wool throw designed by Karin Kloth.

Formex Formidable 2017
Object: broom for outdoor use
Company: Iris Hantverk
Designer: Lovisa Wattman

Jury’s motivation: This impressive broom is the perfect union between function and tradition. A well-balanced tool for the outdoor days of summer – a subduer of all breadcrumbs and leaves. Made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen.

People’s Choice
Object: double woven wool throw
Company: Eldblå
Designer: Karin Kloth

Description: Ease and warmth in a double woven wool throw that is a dream during cold winters. Straightforward and with no excuses, it shows the massive potential of simplicity and becomes a textile overflowing with Danish hygge.

The members of the 2017 jury are: Synnöve Mork, designer; Dan Gordan, design journalist; Kerstin Wickman, Professor of the History of Design and Crafts; and Kajsa Falck-Torlegård, Formex. Twelve objects are nominated for the competition. In order to be nominated, the product must have been exhibited at Formex in the spring or fall of 2017. It must be new for the year and is judged for its design and relevance.