Interviewing Anna and Dag Klockby – Gärsnäs

Interviewing Anna and Dag Klockby – Gärsnäs

Interviewing Anna and Dag Klockby

Describe the spirit of Gärsnäs in three sentencess

Gärsnäs is ultimately concerned with genuine craftsmanship.
Skills which have been handed down for
generations, coupled with 120 years’ uninterrupted
upgrading from raw material to ‚inished article.
Concern and responsibility for the maintenance
of quality and for durability are what our business
boils down to.

How do you view your role as producer?

We are stewards of a heritage having quality and
craftsmanship as its hallmarks, but we are all the
time looking ahead for renewal through product
development and new methods of production.

How does Gärsnäs relate to the environment?

Long-termism, sustainability and an active
environmental policy are axiomatic ingredients of
all our ‚irm’s processes. This means using resources
properly and amalgamating sustainability and

What are your thoughts concerning the future?

We see a very good future ahead of us. The world
of production is going through a paradigm shift,
and we ‚ind it natural to reject mass production in
favour of sustainable quality output. A basic-value
ideal emanating from the spirit of Gärsnäs, mindful
as we are of global development, the environment
and conservation of planet earth’s natural resources.
We prefer doing things well to doing them quickly,
and we set more store by quality than by quantity.

What makes an interior design successful?

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself how
the room is meant to be used, and then choose
materials and furniture accordingly. An interior can
very well be a child of its time, but it must be able
to withstand daily notice and transcend changes of
fashion so as to be capable of remaining timelessly
modern. Gärsnäs furniture is highly durable and,
with the passing of time, a becoming patina adds
to the experience of it. An interior must be capable
of growing old with dignity.




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