Interior Masterclass: Lotta Agaton on the House of Gärsnäs

Interior Masterclass: Lotta Agaton on the House of Gärsnäs

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best,” said Oscar Wilde. We thought likewise when we assigned Lotta Agaton to decorate the House of Gärsnäs, a new source of inspiration located on Skeppsholmen. Lotta Agaton is one of Sweden’s most popular and best-known interior designers and a forerunner for a generation of stylists. Lotta evolved her style at Residence magazine, where she created a modern, luxurious minimalism with its own overtones and surprises. Today, Lotta Agaton Interiors works the entire interior sector, including homes, offices, furniture and bathroom design, as well as concepts for property developers.

What was the brief for the House of Gärsnäs?
“I was to decorate the new house, choose the colours, design the kitchen, select the lighting and furnishing, including which furniture to show. It should feel like a home, not an exhibition. We wanted to get away a bit from the atmosphere of public environments.”

One room has been designed as Åke Axelsson’s studio.

“His drawings are there, prototypes and models, so we can appreciate his legacy; he is the soul of Gärsnäs.”
Lotta’s feelings for Gärsnäs run deep. Her own father is an interior architect and she grew up with Gärsnäs furniture in the home. The kitchen had black piano-lacquered Tati chairs with black leather seats. Very stylish.

I assume your father still has the furniture? 

“They feel incredibly modern today. I’ve nagged Dag and Anna that Åke Axelsson’s SAR chairs should be brought back into production. There are so many great designs in the archive…”

The concept of the House of Gärsnäs is a living display of design that changes constantly and is also open for private persons.

“Everything is for sale. You can buy a vase and the flowers in it.”
Lotta Agaton Interiors even developed a completely new textile concept suitable for the home environment and private customers.