Ingegerd Råman 12 August to 17 October @ Liljevalchs+

Ingegerd Råman’s exhibition is as it should be sparse. A water that falls silently down from a grand digital screen and two long rows of glass cylinders of different heights. Nothing more.

In the exhibition, precise relationships and positions rule. In this room, where nothing has been left to chance, it is the lines of the hand that on the glass draw the movements of life. Notable is that the unique glasses are only available during this particular exhibition. After the project, they return to the emptiness of the clear glass and become ready to be reborn in new contexts.

The exhibition is designed for contemplation, while the works accentuate the room’s own magical space.

Ingegerd Råman(b. 1943) is a potter and glass designer.

The glass exhibition is shown in Liljevalchs+.


Djurgårdsvägen 60, Djurgården, Stockholm.

Start image photo: Ola Hollsten,