INDEX: Award 2015 – Open for nominations

What if there was an award for really good design that could change the world? And what if you didn’t have to be a Harvard professor or a Nobel Prize winner to enter – or even nominate for – it? Well, such an award does in fact exist, and today we begin taking nominations for it.

You might have heard it being called ‘the index design award’ or ‘ the design to improve life award’ or even ‘the Nobel prize of design’ (all right, that last one might be a stretch). We just call it INDEX: Award and today we’re excited to tell you that the race for the 2015 purse of €500,000 (!) is officially on.

So, if you invented/created/designed (we find many names for what we love) something that is capable of improving people’s lives – or if you know someone who did – there’s a chance you could win the prestigious INDEX: Award and have your share of the biggest cash design prize in the world. All you need to do is nominate said idea/invention/design for INDEX: Award 2015 by clicking here.

As said before, you can nominate your own or someone else’s design. Just make sure that you can justify that the design in question is indeed a life-improving one, i.e.:

  • does it create jobs?
  • does it reduce pollution?
  • does it encourage equality?
  • does it empower the less fortunate?
  • does it help natural disaster victims?
  • does it help you save water?
  • etc., etc., etc.

Also, you don’t have to be a famous designer or an accomplished inventor to enter or nominate for the award. You also don’t need a formal degree or a big wallet (nominating is free of charge). All you need is a drive and a commitment to see a good idea flourish. And if you have that, we’ll make sure that the INDEX: Award Jury sees what you see – and leave it in their hands to decide who wins.

You are not alone
And don’t worry: you won’t be alone in nominating for INDEX: Award 2015. Because we found a bunch of savvy, insightful design Spotters from all over the world who will be scouting their respective regions and professions for awesome, life-improving designs to nominate. Get inspired by browsing through their profiles to see who they are and what they nominated.

Anyway, we’ll just mention it once more: Nominations for INDEX: Award 2015 is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE and is open until March 13th 2015. We look forward to receiving your exciting nominations!

Best of luck from all of us at INDEX: Design to Improve Life®!