Imprint – Lammhults

Imprint Small Chair & Bar Stool
Design: Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom

The first Imprint chair was launched in 2005 and drew immediate attention. Imprint’s seat shell is made of our own innovative reconstituted cellulose fiber material, Cellupress, a versatile material with a natural feel. Cellupress was developed together with designers Peter Hiort-Lorenzen & Johannes Foersom. After almost nine years of research and development of the technique of the Imprint chair Peter & Johannes discovered that by using a mixture of 90% cellulose fibers, taken from the forest industry´s thinning wood, and 10% recyclable PET as a binder, they could create mats of cellulose. By pressing a number of these mats together under high heat and extreme pressure, they could mould and shape the material in ways previously possible only with plastic. Fibres from bark contributed to the material’s natural expression.

Now Lammhults extends the Imprint family with two new members – a bar stool and a small chair. Both have the same seat shell with soft shapes, now in both low and high seating. This gives a homogeneous overall impression when used in the same interior. Another new aspect for the Imprint series is that the shell of Imprint Small is available without the bark fibers, resulting in a crisp white shell.

The Imprint Small chair, which is stackable, has a sled base, which gives the chair an airy expression. The sled base is available in either powder coated or chromium plated steel tubing. The bar stool has a pillar base of powder coated or chromium plated steel with a foot rest. The base stands on a square foot plate and is a swivel base equipped with memory return.

With Imprint Small Lammhults provides enhanced possibilities for the Imprint series, which now can move into environments such as restaurants, cafes and bars.



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