Hobo – Örsjö

Hobo – Örsjö

Hobo, the lamp with close connection to handicraft and the act between different materials

A project in the glassworks region, between companies led to Gustaf Nordenskiölds product for Örsjö Belysning. “Hobo” was the result of the project between Boda Glass Factory and Örsjö Belysning. The first part, a large pendent lamp, was launched in 2015. Now the follow-up is coming up next: a wall lamp, a floor lamp and a small pendent.

The name Hobo refers to the old handicraft ”luffarslöjd”, metalcrafts made by hobos in the old days in Småland, where Swedish glassworks began. Hobos used to sleep in the heat of the furnaces in the hot glass studios, making wayward objects in bent metal wire. Hobo is a lamp made of opaque blown glass (blown at the glass studio Mickejohans in Örsjö) formed into a basket construction of brass. It is a real interplay between the materials and a clear proof of true craftsmanship.

“I have searched the expression where there is some difference between each lamp. Since the brass cage only partially controls the glass, every lamp turns out into unique pieces. It all depends on how much air that is blown into the glass during production. A certain moment is captured and each and every one is unique” says Gustaf Nordenskiöld.
Hobo is characterized by its weight and its details, two parameters that Hobo rather highlights than hides. Details become clear by visible bolts and heavy ropes. Two of the new models are having a suspension that can be compared to the stick the Hobos used carrying their bundles with. The lamp is carried by a curved brass hook. Here the weight gets visible. “It is as if the weight makes the form of the lamp”, Gustaf Nordenskiöld says.
Hobo is like a nomad who takes different forms depending on where you place it.
Over a table, on to the wall or next to your sofa.

See the film: https://www.scandinaviandesign.com//orsjo-making-of-hobo/





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