Hanger – Offecct

Hanger – Offecct

HANGER by Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu

”We are always interested in seemingly mundane and anonymous everyday objects. This hanger represents an object that is neglected and ignored in domestic and office environments — not glorified at all but in fact among the most important. We want to respect the Offecct brand values which stand for a simplicity and a strong sense for the contemporary communal meeting place — and for the LifeCircle philosophy reflected in the base of recycled stone or concrete. The hanger is like an `Ayi´. `Ayi´ is an endearing term meaning `aunt´ and is what the Chinese use to call their domestic helper. She doesn’t crave attention but adornes grace, beauty and usefulness to the household.”
— Lyndon Neri, Neri&Hu


The interdisciplinary architecture and design studio Neri&Hu was founded in 2004 by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu in Shanghai, where it’s still headquartered, with an additional office in London. Neri&Hu’s global approach is reflected in its staff which commands a total of over thirty languages. The studio is based on a profound belief in research and innovation as the foundation for design. Neri&Hu takes pride in communicating their clients’ unique qualities in each individual project. Neri&Hu has attracted major global media attention and been awarded many prestigious international prizes. Among the studio’s clients are leading brands and other commissioners from around the globe.