Hang On – PP Møbler

Hang On – PP Møbler

Hang On – new hanger, designed by Thomas Alken.
A joyful afternoon visit at PP Møbler’s workshop among planks, semi-finished furniture pieces and lumps of wood inspired the Danish designer Thomas Alken to design a simple and functional hanger that is so obviously a good product that it immediately went into production.

The rail is available in ash soap, bio-oil or black bio-oiled. The hangers is made of excess wood from PP’s first class furniture production and is therefore available in all possible wood types depending on the current stock.

”As I’ve been visiting PP Møbler, I often got fascinated by the many wonderful peaces of waste wood that naturally appears in the creation of PP Møbler’s collection. There were pieces in ash, maple, oak, beech, walnut and cherry as well as various other wood types, which I didn’t immediately recognize. Each piece was like colour samples: Both individually beautiful, but also exciting in a mix of many different, where colour and grain look good in combinations. These pieces of waste wood fascinated me. They where far too good to burn but too small to be part of a chair or a table. So I went home wondering if I could figure out a good product that would make use of them.” quote Thomas Alken.

The answer to Thomas’ challenge was this simple and practical hanger consisting of two parts: A rail in ash and hangers produced in all possible wood types depending on the current activity in the workshop. The two parts are easily assembled without the use of glue or tools, so it is possible to make your very own combination of wood types.

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