Hands, minds, craft. Hands minds craft. Presenting Jessica Hemmings, Wednesday 13 January

Welcome to a series of lectures presented by CRAFT! Konstfack via zoom; Hands, minds, craft. Hands minds craft.

In the series you will meet a variety of speakers from within the international field of craft. Both theoretical as well as makers point of view will be shared. A writer’s thoughts on how recent lockdowns has affected ways in working, a glimpse of an artist discovering an obsession, and how to develop a wide range of work within that fixation spanning through different materials and media. Alongside with the craft makers disclose connection with material and how to involve political and community orientation in an artistic practice. As if this wasn’t enough, we have also added a curator who will share experiences on exhibiting craft.


Jessica Hemmings, PhD, is a writer within the fields of textile and contemporary craft. Currently Professor of Craft and Vice-Prefect of Research at HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg.

Her essay “Thoughts from a Slow Internet in Spanish Lockdown” was written during the spring of 2020, during what are now acknowledged to be the most restrictive Covid-19 regulations regarding personal movement in Europe to date. Commissioned by the New Zealand based organisation Objectspace to take the place of what was originally intended as a live lecture.

Wednesday 13 January, Jessica Hemmings will via zoom reflect on the ten months since writing the essay by revisiting a number of personal interests that have gained increasing importance to her own thinking in recent years: academic silence surrounding failure; the value of solitary thinking in the midst of our current collaborative era; and a newfound enthusiasm she has for the importance of small research claims.

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