Halo by Stefan Borselius – ateljé Lyktan

Stefan Borselius was asked to design an outdoor luminaire for the street environment to add to ateljé Lyktan’s outdoor product range. It had to fit in with many different surroundings – everything from old city districts to more modern architecture. The result was Halo.

“I started out with a basic shape, the circle, a sphere. I wanted to create something that would blend in with the surroundings. A shining globe, like a little moon,” Stefan tells us. The globe is illuminated with a warm and comfortable LED light giving the luminaire its shape. A globe that shines and lights the way. Full brightness downwards to illuminate the ground thanks to the LED module located at the bottom of the globe. Light pattern can be symmetric or asymmetric. The LED module is protected by a flat, hardened glass pane located a little way inside the luminaire so as not to dazzle from a distance. The dark aluminium edging emphasizes the shape of the circle and is repeated on the top.

The luminaire is available in two sizes, 600 and 450 mm in diameter. The larger lamp is intended primarily for street lighting and can be suspended from wires or fixed to a lamp post or wall. The smaller lamp is optimized for street and park environments. The luminaire body, wire attachment fitting and lamp post connection are in cast aluminium. The sphere is in pressed opal acrylic well suited to our tough, Nordic climate.

Colours: Anthracite grey or aluminium grey.

ateljé Lyktan

The Swedish lighting company ateljé Lyktan was founded in 1934 by Hans and Verna Bergström. The company moved from Helsingborg to Åhus in 1936 where it still operates in the spirit of the founders. ateljé Lyktan makes lighting for both outdoor and indoor use with a focus on Swedish design. ateljé Lyktan is a part of the Fagerhult Group.



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