GUBI reimagines Weisdorf’s sculptural and inventive Multi-Lite in a portable format

The 1972 Multi-Lite Collection by Louis Weisdorf represents the ‘golden era’ of danish design, featuring two adaptable, characterful shades that are sure to become the focal point of any room. A metal ring, two concentric cylinders, and a pair of rotating quarter-sphere shades form the playful and customizable lamps of the Multi-Lite Collection. Simply adjusting the shades transforms the light, enabling the light to be directed upwards, downwards, or even in asymmetric beams.

Each variation of the Multi-Lite features a timeless, sculptural design that makes a perfect addition above, on, or beside any table – either individually or in clusters. Available in a range of curated colors with bases in black brass, brass, or chrome, this family of highly configurable lights combines classic materials with contemporary style – an eye-catching design to complement any and every space, public or private.

“Lamps are mostly static in their shape and appearance – by the time the drawing, production, and installation are complete, you essentially have the finished look. I wanted a lamp that could do more. I imagined it would appeal to more people if they could put their own mark on the lamp design and change it whenever they felt the need, without compromising on the lighting qualities. That was when I came up with the idea of the Multi-Lite: shades that could be repositioned to transform the look and feel of the lamp.”
– Louis Weisdorf, architect and designer



Available in large and small sizes, the Multi-Lite Pendants introduce head-turning sculptural beauty to the heart of any room – whether suspended above a dining table, illuminating a kitchen countertop, or as an artistic cluster of feature lighting.Comprising two rotating quarter-sphere shades encircled by a metal ring, the pendants can be adjusted to provide whatever type of light the occasion requires – from soft and ambient to sharp and focused.

An evolution of the pendant form, the Multi-Lite Floor Lamp takes the versatility and dynamic geometry of Weisdorf’s iconic design and adapts it for use as a standing lamp.Able to be moved around the home to create different atmospheres and lighting effects, the floor lamp can be positioned in a corner or behind a sofa to create a distinct lighting zone, or provide functional lighting beside a desk. Wherever you place it, the lamp stands as an artwork in its own right – a gleaming futuristic spectacle to enhance any home.

Highly decorative but brilliantly functional, the Multi-Lite Table Lamp extends the scope of the original floor lamp while significantly reducing its scale.Every bit as adaptable and configurable as Weisdorf’s original design, it can fulfil any number of uses around the home, whether used as a reading lamp in a quiet corner, taking center stage on the dinner table, or employed decoratively to highlight a tabletop display.

Bringing further flexibility to one of the most adaptable light designs of the 20th century, GUBI reimagines Weisdorf’s sculptural and inventive Multi-Lite in a portable format. The compact design integrates a USB-charging facility and a three-level, touch-activated dimmer function. The signature ring around the light now does double duty as a handle, allowing the lightweight Multi-Lite Portable Lamp to be easily carried around and outside the home.

Louis Weisdorf (1932– 2021) was a well-known Danish architect and industrial designer. After becoming one of the youngest designers to graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1954, he worked across graphic, interior, architectural, and industrial design. Weisdorf described himself as a specialist in versatility, which sums up the prodigious and notable career of this multi-faceted designer.