Gridlock a wall-mounted shelving system design by Chris Martin – Massproductions

Massproductions is expanding into a new product category with a wall-mounted shelving system named Gridlock. A high-quality shelving system made from FSC-certified ash wood, with shelves that can be customised according to your needs using a simple but clever fixture.

”I wanted to create a shelving system entirely in wood. A friend had asked if I knew of such a system, which made me think that maybe something was missing for shelving customers,” says Chris Martin, Designer-in-Chief and founder of Massproductions.

A wall-mounted shelf can dominate a room, whilst at the same time, become an integrated part of the room’s architecture rather than a piece of furniture. Therefore, both detail and overall appearance play an important role.

Gridlock’s shelves uniquely embrace the vertical elements, creating a harmonious shelving wall with continuous horizontal lines. The system includes neat solutions with fittings specifically designed to simplify assembly while adding extra functionality. For example, a custom fitting detail in the vertical elements adjusts laterally for more leeway during assembly.



”It looks simple, but it took a few years to complete. Ensuring that all connections and details work, finding the right type of production, approving that the system can be easily assembled by customers and also accommodate features that will be added in the future”, says Chris Martin.

A key feature of the design is that the shelves can be placed in strict grids, which helps to create a sense of order in your home, or office. The shelves and side panels lock in place with a simple movement, giving the shelf its name ”Gridlock”.

In addition to the shelves which are available in two depths, Gridlock also offers a desk component to create a complete workspace. Additional components will be added in due course, giving even more flexibility and functionality to the system.

Gridlock is available in three different finishes: natural, white, as well as black-stained ash. The system is available in several pre-configured options, however, for those looking for a custom solution, an online configurator will offer the possibility to get a set of shelves tailored to your wall. Massproductions will showcase the system at the ”Gridlock” exhibition during 3DaysofDesign in Copenhagen starting June 7th.