Greenhouse 2014

Greenhouse 2014

Young designers from around the world will be flocking to Greenhouse to meet visitors and exchange ideas and experiences with each other. For this coming fair, Note Design Studio, behind the design of the hall for the second year in a row, is looking to highlight the social aspect of exhibiting at Greenhouse, the hall for young and unestablished designers.

“Greenhouse is an exhibition hall but it’s also a gigantic meeting place. We’re fascinated by the phenomenon of people from all around the world coming and living design together for a few days. People talk about quality, color, design and materials, but often fail to draw attention to the social aspect. Wherever the participants come from, all of them have packed their bags, travelled here and settled down to spend a few intense days sharing the adventure,” says Johannes Carlström, Note Design Studio.

The aim is to create a social space, the perfect setting for interaction between designers, customers and the press. The environment in the Greenhouse will stimulate conversation, new ideas and projects. The design will include specially produced materials and a large tent, which will become the natural place to meet. The tent was designed in partnership with architects Nyréns Arkitektkontor. Note is also responsible for designing the Greenhouse exhibition, showcasing a selection of products that have been put into production in the past three years thanks to Greenhouse.

Since its launch five years ago, Stockholm-based design studio Note has been working with architecture, product design and design strategies for Swedish and international companies such as Menu, EFG, La Chance, Spendrups, and Örsjö lighting. Note’s very own Johannes Carlström took part in Greenhouse 2005.

Greenhouse is the place where new talents can showcase their prototypes and meet producers in the furniture and lighting industry. To exhibit, the applicants must not be linked to any particular manufacturer and the products must not have been exhibited previously. Free designers and design colleges from all over the world are welcome to apply and a jury then makes the final selection. This year 36 designers and 37 design schools from 16 countries will be taking part.

Designers 2014

Amanda Boierth & Matilda Ekström
Andres Nilson
Arctic Seaman
Catherine Aitken
Eli Gutierrez, Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada
Erik Englund
Eun – Kyoung Lee
Hanna Dalrot
Hopf & Nordin / Design, Berlin
James van Vossel
Kosmos Project
Kristina Kjaer & Signe Hytte
Kun Sik Choi
Kunihiro Kobayashi
Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson
Lith Lith Lundin
Ludwig Berg, Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson, Olle K Engberg
Matilda Dahlquist
Ola Gillgren Design
Studio Ambjörn Viking
Studio Baag
Studio Ljung & Ljung AB
SUKI Design Studio/ Suki Park
Very Very Gold
Yenwen Tseng Design Studio Co. Ltd

Design schools

Aalto University, School of Art and Design
Art Academy of Latvia
Art Future Design School
Beckmans Designhögskola
Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies
Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies
Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi – Designskolen
Estonian Academy of Arts
Folkuniversitetet Hantverkscentrum i Tibro
Folkuniversitetets Art College
Fågelvik Yrkeshögskola
Grebbestads Folkhögskola
HDK Högskolan för Design & Konsthantverk
HDK Steneby, Göteborgs Universitet
HiOA – Produktdesign
HV Skola
Högskolan i Gävle
Institutionen för design vid Linnéuniversitetet
KHiB, Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen
Konstfack – Möbeldesign & Inredningsarkitektur
Konstfack Textil
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, KHiO
Linköpings Universitet – Slöjd, hantverk och formgivning
Lund School of Architecture
School of Industrial Design, Lunds Universitet
Tartu Art College/Furniture and Textile
Textilhögskolan i borås
Träakademien / Mittuniversitetet
TTC – Tibro Training Centre
Turku Univercity of Applied Sciences
VIA University College – Teko Design + Business