GRAPHIC Timeless classics for any space. A collection that stands the test of time – Bolon

In March, Bolon is relaunching Graphic, a design concept that is contemporary, nostalgic, and avant-garde – all at once. The updated collection retains several of its classics and adds a stripe design and a new leathery warp colour.

– Weaves and textiles have always been a great source of inspiration for me! The designs in Graphic can be derived from a selection of classic textile patterns, says Lisa Jarhult, Product Developer and Designer at Bolon.



The collection consists of four timeless patterns: Herringbone, a true classic zigzag pattern, Gradient that celebrates eclectic aesthetics with soft textile references, String, Mache, Tan, Etch a group with a discrete pattern that has the ability to blend in without ever being ordinary, and the newcomer – Duo, a symmetric stripe that is both elegant and edgy.

– The new pattern Duo has a subtle colour range with three colours, but each has its own expression – one crisp, one soft and one spicy. In developing the new warp colour, we were looking for a colour with the perfect balance of a comforting, soft brown and spicy orange. Just like the name Cinnamon indicates, we found a warm, sweet neutral colour with confidence! says Lisa.



Effortless combinations can be made within the collection, and Graphic also opens up for new exciting matches with other Bolon flooring and rugs.

All Bolon flooring and rugs contain 68% waste material with 0% climate impact. On top of that, all products are 100% made in Sweden in our climate-neutral production.

Available worldwide from the 20th of March.