Grand – The shape would be simple and obvious by Bernstrand & Borselius – Horreds

Big, festive, solemn, magnificent, imposing, excellent, very nice, big and pompous are other words for grand. We wanted to find a segment of chairs and expressions that we thought were missing in the market but suited Horreds and its customers.

The shape would be simple and obvious. Caregiving padded seat and back washers and embracing armrests. A conference chair, a seating tool, a chair with generous dimensions. Maximize the width, without taking up too much space. Affect the room, but not take over. Something you want to sit in, sit for long time, move in and place for movement. Classic features, but a sense of the present. Textile, wood and aluminum, a chair where the materials meet. A chair for meeting.

Design Thomas Bernstrand & Stefan Borselius