Grade designed by the Danish duo Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen – Lammhults

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, 3-7 February 2015, Swedish design furniture company Lammhults presents further versions of the new chair series Grade, designed by the Danish duo Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen. Grade has since its world premiere in Milan 2014 been very well received and has already been specified in several prestigious projects worldwide.

The chair series has a multifunctional concept and is now, in addition to steel tubing, also available with wooden
legs in ash, natural or stained, for a softer and warmer feeling. The chair has already been launched with a 4-leg
steel tubing and a 360 degrees with foot and pillar of aluminium. Grade with wooden legs suits public areas as
well as private homes.


The concept is built around a softly shaped polypropylene shell with a molded relief pattern that follows the curves of the back and seat. The reliefs are very subtle, not affecting the seating comfort in any way but giving Grade a strong expression and a clear identity. The shell is available in three different colours and is offered with or without a fixed seat pad, all versions equally as expressive. The reliefs in the graded seat and back create a natural delimitation for the seat pad solution. The pads, offered in 8 different colours, are slim, almost homogenous with the shell, yet thick enough to create a good comfort. The frame matches the colour of the seat shell forming a monochrome very graphic expression when powder coated but can also be more a contrasting piece with a chromed frame. Grade is offered as a chair and armchair and also with a swivel base, with or without casters. For a warmer feeling the armrest is always in polypropylene matching the seat shell´s colour.

The designers say “The feature of the chair is that the chair itself is to be seen as a totality of the shape of the shell, the 5 grades in the shell, the padding and the frame.” Grade is the type of chair that works both as a solitaire and in large numbers. A whole visual entity providing function, aesthetics and comfort. At the same time a large number of chairs also form a sense of totality where the graded reliefs of the backs become a part of a vivid ensemble.

Schools, restaurants, canteens, offices, at home and other environments where a clear-cut and expressive plastic
chair is needed, Grade is the perfect solution.



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