Gärsnäs exhibition stand designed by Färg & Blanche, 2015

This year’s exhibition stand has been designed by the prize-winning duo Färg & Blanche. They have taken their cue from Gärsnäs’ feeling for craftsmanship and wood, while at the same time highlighting the artistry and go-ahead spirit which are so very much a part of the Gärsnäs ethos.

-Over the years we have become thoroughly acquainted with Gärsnäs and the people behind it, which makes designing this year’s exhibition stand both an honour and something hugely enjoyable. We want to highlight the good craftsmanship and woodworking, but in our way. The plaited screens or room partitions characterising the stand were inspired by the plaited baskets of Swedish traditional crafts. They create a spatial effect and an inviting background to the furniture on display,” Fredrik Färg & Emma Blanche explain.

Gärsnäs stand A11:20, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015