Fyr Kerosene Lamp design by Johan Larsvall – Design House Stockholm

A sizeable cone as a base, a sturdy waist for the tubular wick, and a cylindrical glass chimney for the burning flame. Johan Larsvall reduces the classic kerosene lamp to its essentials: no superfluous decoration but full-on industrial abstract simplicity. Fyr Kerosene Lamp is a testimony to by-gone eras and memories of dancing flames in the evening light. Use Fyr Kerosene Lamp as a both gentle and strong live light indoors. Or let the lamp glow steadily outdoors and chase away the shadows in the evening breeze. The 16-centimeter-wide fount will stay firm on any table, and the lamp has an impressive height of more than 30 centimeters. Use the stout yet slender knob to adjust the flame and to tilt the lamp up for a grip when moving it around. The glass fully transparent base shows the amount of remaining lamp oil and let you control the travel of the wick when turning the knob. ‘I wanted to create a modern take on the classic kerosene lamp which hasn’t evolved for more than a century.’ says Johan Larsvall. ‘I have reduced it to its basic forms: the cylinder attached to a slender waist that expands to grip the conical base.’

Johan Larsvall lets the classical kerosene lamp be reborn as a contemporary design object. A both strong and efficient light is ensured by the use of a tubular wick, and Fyr Kerosene Lamp will highlight any space at home or in public settings. ’This is a beautiful addition to any table,’ explains Anders Färdig, founder of Design House Stockholm, ’the geometrical precision and clear-cut shape will adorn all kind of spaces.’

Photo: @fredriksweger
Set design: @sasaanticstudio