Fritz Hansen joins forces with renowned architecture firm Henning Larsen to build the Fritz Hansen Pavilion


A Nordic approach to circular design thinking – in collaboration with Henning Larsen

This summer, Fritz Hansen joins forces with renowned architecture firm Henning Larsen to build the Fritz Hansen Pavilion for 3daysofdesign. Set in Designmuseum Denmark’s beautiful garden, Grønnegården, the Pavilion is designed with a Nordic approach centered around daylight and honest materials.

“Celebrating the 150 years anniversary of Fritz Hansen, we wanted to create a spatial experience that makes a sustainable home for the furniture it exhibits. A facilitator for the design of Fritz Hansen. Built in solid wood, the Pavilion is inspirated by the garden it is situated in, creating a hybrid space with fluid transitions between inside and out” says Eva Ravnborg, Market Director Denmark, Partner at Henning Larsen.


Sustainability was key in the development of the Pavilion. Born in line with the principles of circular design thinking, the installation was essentially designed to be disassembled. This ensures that waste is minimized and that all materials can be reused elsewhere, including in the future reconstruction of Fritz Hansen’s own headquarters – a project initiated in 2021, transforming the firm’s office in to a modern and welcoming environment.

The Pavilion’s design is deliberately simple – a shell-like, transparent structure, letting daylight and nature in, and forming an exclusive setting for the exhibition of Fritz Hansen’s furniture. The design follows a Nordic approach, where simplicity, natural elements, and high-quality materials are of utmost importance.


On the collaboration, Christian Andresen, Design & Brand Ambassador at Fritz Hansen, says: “We wanted to celebrate Fritz Hansen’s past, while also looking ahead to the future.”

“Henning Larsen has a strong track record as a leading sustainability-thinking studio. We both have a holistic approach to design, and a similar taste in materials and creative expression, so our collaboration felt natural.”

Designmuseum Denmark has been housed in one of Copenhagen’s finest Rococo buildings since the 1920s. Originally built in 1752 as Royal Frederik’s Hospital, the space was repurposed in 1926 and designed as a museum by architects Ivar Bentsen and Kaare Klint. Now, almost a century later, the Fritz Hansen Pavilion introduces a modern take on its historical surroundings.

The pavilion will be open to the public during the 3daysofdesign event, and thereafter used by Designmuseum Denmark until mid-Autumn. During this period, the space will serve as a platform for several initiatives, such as summer schools, exhibitions, and workshops, where visitors and locals can participate and meet the creative community.

Designmuseum Denmark
Bredgade 68, 1260 Copenhagen

Opening dates & hours during 3daysofdesign:
June 15-17, 10AM-6PM