Fredericia presents ‘Crafting the Present’ – an exhibition celebrating artisans and heritage

Since its establishment in 1911, Fredericia has cultivated a proud tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, innovative design and design thinking. This heritage is now being celebrated in a dedicated exhibition opening for 3daysofdesign. The event invites everyone behind the scenes of local furniture production, offering an immersive experience into the inherited skills and artistry that form the foundation of Fredericia and its iconic designs.

Emerging from the origins of Danish furniture design, Fredericia’s rich heritage embodies an exceptional design archive. Showcasing undeniable classics, a profound understanding of furniture, and a commitment to craftsmanship passed down through generations.

‘Crafting the Present’ offers an engaging and dynamic real-time experience, highlighting the people, tools and processes involved in creating some of Fredericia’s most celebrated design pieces. Curated by Danish designer Maria Bruun, known for the Pioneer and Islets Collection, the dedicated sessions will be guided by Thomas and Rasmus Graversen, the family behind Fredericia. They share insights on how the proud heritage shapes contemporary design and fosters ongoing innovation.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about three of Fredericia’s renowned pieces: Børge Mogensen’s 2204 Wing Chair and Hans J. Wegner’s Ox Chair, both handmade by their expert upholsterers in Svendborg, Denmark, and Mogensen’s Spanish Chair done by craftspeople from the workshop in Fredericia city and skilled saddlemakers from the esteemed Tärnsjö Tannery in Sweden. For over 60 years, these artisans have tailored pieces for Mogensen’s Spanish Collection.

In keeping with Fredericia’s commitment to sustainability and resourcefulness, every object from the exhibition will be reused after its conclusion. Since the exhibition features actual objects from daily furniture, these items will return to production or travel to new exhibitions around the world. Additionally, the drapes used in the exhibition will be repurposed to upholster new furniture, bringing them into new homes.

‘Crafting the Present’ will be open at the Fredericia Copenhagen Showroom from June 12th to 27th, 2024.

Words by Rasmus Graversen, CEO and 3rd generation of the family behind Fredericia
“Furniture connects us to the present. Furniture is helplessly analogue. Good design allows people to engage with each other, sense the quality of materials, and create a stimulating visual environment that gives a place spirit. As Wegner said, “A piece of furniture first becomes truly complete when someone sits in it.”

At Fredericia, we are privileged with a legacy of iconic designs but also a legacy of craft and an appetite for innovation and collaboration. A tradition formed by techniques, tools, materials, and, most importantly, people. It is a culture of design that can only thrive when it is being put into use, nudged, and sometimes transformed.

Crafting the Present is an exhibition curated by our good friend, collaborator and protagonist of modern design, Maria Bruun. It is a view behind the scenes of the craft and community that inform our culture of design in this present-day and time.”