Fredericia launches Nami Sofa – a pure, poetic and inviting modular design by Damian Williamson

Fredericia introduces its latest interpretation of sophisticated sofas handmade in Denmark. The modular Nami Sofa, crafted in Denmark, creates a serene atmosphere, establishing a sculptural design that effortlessly complements any interior. Pure, poetic and intuitively inviting.

Referencing the Japanese word for “wave”, the Nami Sofa pays homage to its elegant predecessor, the Konami Sofa, launched by Fredericia in 2019. This new iteration takes a grounded approach by eliminating the legs, resulting in a flowing and contemporary look. The gentle curves and soft expression of the Nami Sofa create a calm and inviting design featuring subtle craft details. For designer Damian Williamson (1974-2024), the goal was to create a sofa with an unspoken sense of luxury – balanced, sculptural, and appealing from every angle.

“The idea for the Nami collection came to mind while sitting quietly in nature, contemplating the distant horizon, sea view, and waves. These elements have inspired both the low, horizontal linear quality of the sofa and the gentle wave detail of the seat upholstery. Hence, the name Nami, which means ‘wave’ in Japanese.”
– Damian Williamson, designer



Nami Sofa
Design: Damian Williamson