Frankie a chair with a fashion-inspired seat back by Färg & Blanche – Johanson

FRANKIE – a chair with a fashion-inspired seat back

With their special feeling for fashion trends, the design duo Färg & Blanche have created a chair inspired by trouser braces. Focus has been on emphasizing the back of their chair, FRANKIE, and the straps of the braces on the back give this piece of furniture an almost human identity. FRANKIE has been created for o ces and commercial environments. This stackable chair has an upholstered seat and sprung back that provides a high level of comfort and make it ideal for meetings and conferences.

Johanson are proud to manufacture a chair designed by the well-established Swedish design duo Färg & Blanche and they see great potential for its future. Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche have emphasized the back of the chair, the part that is most visible, and this gives the whole piece a creative and exciting graphic expression. The name FRANKIE alludes to the dance legend Frankie Manning, who was one of the creators of the Lindy Hop.

FARGBLANCHE“I am particularly fascinated by both fashion and dance and, in the case of FRANKIE, we thought that it would be exciting to let such a pronounced detail as trouser braces hold up and form the whole of the seat back,” says Fredrik Färg.

FRANKIE is stackable and has been produced for office and commercial environments in which backs of chairs are always more visible. Johanson manufactures the chair in 192 RAL colours and nearly 500 di erent fabrics.

“The metal frame can be enamelled in contrasting colours to accentuate the feeling of the straps. But it can also be quite elegant in a more neutral colour,” says Emma Marga Blanche.

Design Färg & Blanche