Frame will let you expose yourself through your most beloved objects by Harald Hermanrud – DHS

Frame Collection by Harald Hermanrud – Design House Stockholm

Can design compete with social media? Yes, certainly, according to Danish designer Harald Hermanrud who has designed Frame, a furniture system that highlight your latest acquisitions and your most personal treasures. ‘It’s a basic fundamental human need to make both small and big statements about who we are and how we fit into contemporary culture.’ explains Harald Hermanrud. ’Frame grows out of the Instagram and Facebook trends to express one’s personality.’


Frame will let you expose yourself through your most beloved objects. The open shelving system can carry vases with flowers, sculptures, LP’s, books, lamps, toys, and why not let the things shoot through the open construction? ‘When modern architecture creates spaces with floor to ceiling glass walls and built-in closets,’ says Harald Hermanrud,it requires open and transparent shelving systems that doesn’t shade the daylight while also creating a platform for decoration.’ Frame will of course fit against a wall, or as a back to a sofa, but even better as room dividers or freestanding units. Instead of a storage, Frame truly works as a display thus reinventing the familiar bookshelf for a contemporary use. Frame will act as a physical, long lasting and transformable platform to showcase both old and new acquisitions and treasures, both at home and in public settings like offices and restaurants. The user is of course involved in the shaping of the system by adding the final touch when distributing shelves and boxes through the easily reconfigured shelving system.


’I wanted it right away,’ says Anders Färdig, creative director and founder of Design House Stockholm, who saw Frame at an exhibition at Färgfabriken in Stockholm many years ago, ‘Harald was not too keen to have us produce it then, but five years later he called me and we struck a deal that will make Frame available to a world-wide audience.’ Frame is an extremely flexible system that with mathematical precision allows the grid-construction to carry shelves, trays and boxes that are easily moved around. Made of profiled sticks that are countersunk into each other, Frame manages to be light yet sturdy and only requires a hex key to be assembled. And of course, truly Scandinavian all-in wood with attention on the joinery.


Harald Hermanrud is based in Copenhagen and has studied for cabinetmaker apart from his degree from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Design School. While approaching design as a problem solver, he combines the principles embedded in Danish design tradition with his own senses for materiality and craftsmanship. ’By exposing the brass nuts you add a glossy shiny detail that show off the construction which make you understand how it is made and assembled.’ Harald Hermanrud explains. ‘That honesty makes people relate to the design, and I see that as a very essential and characteristic part of my design language. No unnecessary thing, just the works.’