Formex, 21-24 August 2018

Formex 21-24 August 2018

Unexpected Gatherings – autumn theme for Formex 2018

The theme for the next Formex (21-24 August 2018) takes inspiration from the unexpected and randomly combined. Decorative, sophisticated, bohemic and rock chic at the same time.

Visitors will find unconventional meetings between florists, artisans, architects, designers, stylists, chefs and trend experts.
The composition and the colour palette of cubism and surrealism inspire the theme. One example is Giorgio de Chirico, whose dream-like paintings of pseudo-classic buildings in exaggerated perspectives from the 1910s, has contemporary relevance for architects and set-designers using high arches, columns and elements of classicism in their designs.

“The combination of colour and odd shapes are the main seasonal theme of “Unexpected gatherings”. Odd objects are combined in spite of style or size ” explains Lotta Ahlvar, Operational Project Manager at Formex.

Formex colour scheme for this season is more subdued than before and is dominated by terracotta, salmon pink, glacial sea blue, cognac and lion yellow. The most influential accent colours include lipstick red, forest green, hazelnut and shock beige
“It’s about finding entirely new dimensions and experiences. The winners are those who offer inspiration and unexpected meetings in their own style. Both digitally and physically,” explains Christina Olsson, Formex Project Leader.

Please note that the upcoming fair is held Tuesday 21 August – Friday 24 August 2018.

Expect the Unexpected
Unexpected Gatherings – Formex August 21-24 2018

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