Form Variety With Simplicity – Stilt design by Form Us With Love – mdd

Within just a few months to a year, both hospitality and workplaces have had to contend with new needs. Spaces and people are demanding furniture that can be moved around and re-zoned for changing purposes. Furniture is finding its way into unintended places. The office chair has become essential in many homes, and the sofa lounge the heart of many offices. So how might a sofa be humble enough for a home and versatile enough for the workplace?


MDD has an impressive expertise in steel tubing, which is the foundation for Stilt, and the foundation for our previous collection with them, New School. Throughout the design process the team at FUWL worked closely with MDD engineers to create an expansive range of furniture built on a lean amount of parts. Simplicity of construction was key to the design, with the intention that the range can be expanded upon as new needs arise.


With Stilt the design intention was to create furniture that’s robust enough for the workspace but simple enough for the home. It’s a system that can be used by designers and occupants alike to rearrange spaces, and add extra functionality. The collection is both seating and shelving built on the same language, so that the same furniture used for partitioning work spaces is also the same furniture for creating comfort within a home. Stilt is scalable. It can be scaled down to individual armchairs or scaled up to an island. The stilt visual language fits easily within homes and workplaces. It’s assembly and use of parts allows for a single seater and a large sofa to use many of the same pieces. The footprint is rectangular allowing for clusters of seating and storage to come together or sit apart and feel natural. It’s an easy to place collection in a considered palette of textiles and finishes. Accessories such as power outlets, a small table, or even wheels for mobility add new opportunities to the collection. Expect Stilt to expand into homes and offices alike.