Form Productivity With Comfort – Opus design by Form Us With Love. +Halle

The pandemic has redefined the concept of working from home for many of us. As we had to adapt to productivity away from our desks, the venues for work have diversified in kind. Hospitality spaces have promptly become a sort of 3rd space, offering room for the office away from home and workplace. We saw a need to make these spaces fit around work without removing the comfort they were originally designed for.


We started with the notion of creating a sense of privacy and personal space within an active and transient environment as a hospitality space. Though the pieces were meant to become anchor points within these spaces, it was important to keep them light and dynamic. This was achieved by reducing the amount of foam used in the seating and rendering the frame in light vertical steel lines. That form factor transcends the entire collection, from dining chair to work cocoon, establishing a functional bridge between relaxation and work.


The result is, Opus, a seating collection with modern day work environments in mind. With only two sizes; a dining and lounge seater and an add-on privacy screen, we make sure you can facilitate any space and work situation. The ambition with the range is to fit into a high traffic space like a big office or a hotel lobby. The features are light but durable; constructed with comfort where it is needed. The design in general is there to cater for both ease and relaxation due to its generous proportions and focused work through its optional sound absorbing screen. The slime silhouette of the dining chair scales the lounge form factor down to a size perfect for sitting around a table.



Photography credit

OPUS-1 to 11
©Oleksandr Shestakovych

©Chriatian Torp

©Lasse Fragtrup