For the 10-year anniversary of w127 Winkel, we present w227 Winkel alu by Dirk Winkel – Wästberg

w227 Winkel alu

The ultimate task light, evolved

For the 10-year anniversary of w127 Winkel, we present w227 Winkel alu: the evolution of our bestselling task light, that takes its bold design to a new level, it has been completely re-engineered with one clear goal: to get more out of less. Now based on aluminium, this next-generation task light uses significantly less material and features new, slimmer arm profiles and joints, an extended movement range and an evolved light technology. With its unique and exceptional performance, w227 Winkel alu truly redefines state-of-the-art, high-end task lighting.


Less is more

w227 Winkel alu delivers even more pared-down dimensions and aesthetics than its predecessor, while surpassing it in flexibility. Designed to require as little material as possible, its slender arms and joints are now hollow, allowing previously visible cables and springs to be concealed.

High-performance light

w227 Winkel alu’s entire concept is built on providing state-of-the-art light, and in this, it truly excels. Built around a COB LED, it is a well- thought-through, precisely engineered lighting solution in a system of several individual components. Each of these plays its own vital role in delivering a generous yet incredibly even spread of high-quality, dimmable light over a large surface.

Efficient glare protection

w227 Winkel alu features an effective anti-glare construction that prevents glare without any significant light loss.


Full-spectrum LED

Designed to recreate the full, uninterrupted colour spectrum of sunlight, full-spectrum light has a rich, profound quality that is impossible to achieve with the limited spectrum of a standard LED. Full-spectrum light also offers superior colour rendering, making it an ideal choice for environments where correct colour perception is a vital aspect.

Recycled and recyclable aluminium

Not only is aluminium a tried-and-tested, classic and infinitely recyclable material – its strength and lightness allow for robust, resource-efficient constructions. w227 Winkel alu consists of partly recycled aluminium, which itself can be recycled at the end of its long lifespan.

Adapts effortlessly

Designed to adapt seamlessly to modern working environments, w227 Winkel alu offers two mounting options – base or pin – and is available in both white and black.


Design Dirk Winkel

Dirk Winkel is a Berlin-based product designer who graduated from the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, followed by a MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art (RCA) London in 2010.

He is specialised in lighting and furniture design and worked for different designers and design houses in Berlin and London before setting up his own studio in Berlin in summer 2011. Driven by belief in the beauty of formal purism and the classic principle of ‘less but better’, some of his great interests are the exploration of pushing the boundaries of mass production techniques, the rethinking of light and lighting paradigms, and the investigation of new materials and their potential.

From 2012 to 2016 he has been teaching Technology and Construction in Design in the Industrial Design course of the UdK Berlin. His work has been featured by Frame, DAMn, icon, Surface, Monocle, Gestalten Verlag and many more and was on display at numerous places like Art Basel Miami, the VitraHaus or the London Design Museum and has won several awards and nominations like GOOD DESIGN (Chicago Athenaeum), Swedish Design Award (Svensk Form), Designs of the Year, the German Design Award 2015 and the Editors‘ Choice Award 2016 (Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair).