Focus Divider – Offecct

Focus Divider – Offecct

FOCUS DIVIDER in collaboration with Tengbom

The typology of the office landscape has been redrawn with FOCUS DIVIDER, a new piece of furniture created through a collaboration between Offecct and Tengbom Product development. FOCUS DIVIDER was born out of a project for a major international financial company and has now found its way to the commercial market. When walls disappear and office spaces are opened up, the need to be able to create a room within a room increase. FOCUS DIVIDER is a new item of furniture that enables this. It is a temporary resort for undisturbed and focused work.

– Offecct has been involved in creating mini-architecture for many years. It started more than ten years ago when we developed Forest, a flexible interior object designed by Katrin Greiling. We love to think about and develop this kind of furniture, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO, Offecct.

The engineers behind FOCUS DIVIDER are Kristina Jonasson and Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt at Tengbom.

– The thought was to create a space in the office that would offer you peace and quiet for uninterrupted work. FOCUS DIVIDER is a natural complement to the rest of the office interior and signals at the same time that you want to work in peace, says Kristina Jonasson, Tengbom. – We didn’t want FOCUS DIVIDER to be to too secluded and so we designed a window in the structure to stop you from feeling shut off from the rest of the office, continues Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt, Tengbom.

– The way we work changes with new technology. A faster work pace and more communication enables work around the clock in different environments. At Tengbom, we are developing furniture that supports the person in its daily work and FOCUS DIVIDER is a product where you can sit down and work undisturbed and concentrated. Like a small oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of a hectic work space, says Jacob Sahlqvist, Business Development Manager, Tengbom.