Flowerpot now portable by Verner Panton – &Tradition

First debuted in 1968, the playful Flowerpot lamp is now available as a portable piece.

The Flowerpot, a vividly coloured lamp embodies the experimental attitude that Danish designer Verner Panton took to home items. Now, this beloved piece has been reimagined as a portable lamp that follows its owner from indoors to outside.

Boasting the same design as the table lamp, the slightly smaller Flowerpot VP9 has the added advantage of being mobile. Intended to work as a multifunction piece, its deliberately lightweight design and cordless feature allows it to easily transition from bedside table to terrace. This flexibility is further enhanced by a dimmer that allows for three different light settings dependent on the mood.

As a disciple of Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen, Panton always sought to prioritize the functionalism of furniture design. But he proved far less conventional when it came to his use of new materials and colour, working with psychologists to better understand the role that colour played in shaping the psychology of an environment. “Most people spend their lives living in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colours,” he once said – an observation that went on to define his approach to interiors.

The Flowerpot endures as an iconic example of his legacy. Created in 1968, it quickly became a visual symbol of the freewheeling Flower Power movement and the peace and love ideology that its followers espoused. Perhaps this was because it melded the precision of Danish design to an attitude of individualism, remaining practical while still playful; functional yet fun.

“More than fifty years after it was created, the Flowerpot continues to uplift interiors,” says &Tradition Founder and CEO Martin Kornbek Hansen says. “We are delighted to introduce the VP9, whose portable design means the lamp can now be enjoyed around the home, including as a stylish substitute for candlelight outside.”

The VP9 comes equipped with a USB charging cable. It is available in a wide range of contemporary colours.

Verner Panton remains one of the most radical Danish designers of all time, given his avant-garde approach to fluid shapes previously impossible, along with his palette of vivid colours and striking geometric patterns. Panton’s penchant for playful provocation took him beyond designing furniture, lighting, textiles, posters and rugs to creating entire environments akin to visually immersive experiences. Earning him admiration the world over for his conviction to continuously question convention.