Flip Table is a folding table that fold in three different sizes by Jesper Ståhl – DHS

Dining table, desk and sideboard. All in one table.



Fold it down to a sculptural sideboard when you need floor space, fold it out to use as a table for work, and clear the space for the longest one when friends or relatives are coming over for lunch or dinner.’



Flexibility in interior architecture is more than just adding space when the home office needs to be folded out; it is all about reconfiguring space both at home, in a restaurant, or at work.



With the Flip Table, Jesper Ståhl solves a common problem for those who live in small homes. It’s not one table, but three: a dining table, desk and sideboard.



Furniture like Flip Table creates new potential in how to utilize spaces, without the need of furniture to be stacked away while not in use. Note how the parts interplay in orientation and direction creating an interesting composition of planes for each position.