Flindt Garden 
- connects you
 with the outdoors by Christian Flindt – Louis Poulsen

In spring 2021, Louis Poulsen will be introducing Flindt Garden designed by Christian Flindt. Flindt Garden is a new, flexible bollard that is scalable in height and available with three different mounting options. Flindt Garden balances simplicity and refinement in a sculptural design that blends beautifully into any garden or outside living space.

The Flindt Garden bollard is the latest addition to the Flindt family, developed by award-winning Danish designer Christian Flindt in collaboration with Louis Poulsen. The Flindt Garden bollard is part of Louis Poulsen’s flexible garden collection offering instant illumination in outdoor living spaces. The bollard brings life and comfort to outside spaces, without compromising the quality of the light or the design.

“Outdoor living has become more relevant than ever; people are moving outdoors and using outdoor spaces almost as an extension of their interiors. Going outdoors, having dimmed lighting in the evening and prolonging the day with friends and family outdoors for leisure activities or dining. We believed that bringing the Flindt family into the garden and outdoor living segment was natural,” says Kasper Hammer, Director, Product & Design – Architectural & Outdoor at Louis Poulsen.

“In the daytime, sunlight creates a play of shadow and light in the geometry of the bollard, and at night, when natural light fades, the artificial lighting displays the exact same geometry in a new way. Flindt Garden will bring out accents in the garden, in landscapes or on roof terraces, allowing you to explore and feel comfortable in outdoor spaces at night.”

The idea behind the Flindt family sculptural design was born in 2011, when a more refined type of bollard was required to illuminate a park next to an exhibition at the Danish Kunsthal Brænderigården exhibition space, today known as Viborg Kunsthal. The fixture was so well received that Louis Poulsen decided to develop it further, in partnership with Christian Flindt. The bollard was enhanced in terms of materials, light distribution and efficiency and was introduced as the Flindt Bollard at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt in 2014.

Following on from the success of the Flindt Bollard, Christian Flindt created Flindt Garden, a downscaled bollard, perfected for easy on-the-spot installation in both commercial and residential outdoor spaces.

“With Flindt Garden, the Flindt family is a complete family for outdoor areas. The common design language of the different fixtures is the shape that is cut out of a simple form to become a reflector. Depending on how the cut is made, the light is emitted differently. This also reflects the way in which the geometry of the Flindt family works to shape light in various outdoor applications,” says designer Christian Flindt.

The Flindt Garden connects and blends in with its surroundings with its sculptural cut-out and materials selected to complement outdoor environments. The Flindt Garden bollard can be extended with up to six bollards, each placed as far apart as five metres and truly stands out in repetitive installations. The flexible and minimalist bollard is just as beautifully suited to a natural environment as it is to an urban garden.

The Flindt Garden bollard emits a wide downward, glare-free light. The light source rests at the top inside the asymmetric cut-out on the side of the bollard, where the gradient serves as a reflector that softens the light and forms an attractive organic shape on the ground below.

The Flindt Garden is available in two different heights and with three different mounting options. The bollard is available in a warm corten or aluminium.