Finn Juhl – centenary exhibition @ Trapholt

Finn Juhl was both a pioneering furniture designer and a respected architect, sensitive to the interplay between furniture and space.

The Finn Juhl centenary exhibition at Trapholt focuses on his work in the 1940s. This decade shows two clear directions in his furniture design: His upholstered, sculptural armchairs and sofas, and his light seating furniture. All his furniture was produced in collaboration with Cabinet Maker Niels Vodder.

Finn Juhl’s inspiration at this time came from two different sources: Danish and international contemporary art (Robert Jacobsen, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Erik Thommesen, Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Barbara Hepworth, etc.) and the cultures of foreign climes such as Egypt and Africa. The exhibition illustrates these sources of inspiration through works, for example. by Thommesen, Lundstrøm and Robert Jacobsen, and displays photographic illustrations of international works that inspired him, as well as photographs of his exhibitions inspired by Egyptian and African cultures.

The exhibition is on display until end of 2013