Female Traces – Female furniture designers through 100 years @ Rian Designmuseum

Drawing furniture is still a largely male-coded profession, despite the efforts made by generations of female furniture designers over the past hundred years.

The exhibition Female Traces highlights both historical pioneers from the
20th century and women in today’s young designer generation. With a generous selection of Swedish and international material, the exhibition provides a picture of the importance that female designers have had for the development of modern and contemporary design.

The exhibition shows furniture such as chairs, armchairs, shelves and tables by, among others, Aino Aalto, Mia Cullin, Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist, Monica Förster, Eileen Gray, Lena Larsson, Karin Mobring and Charlotte Perriand.

Margot Barolo, designer and senior lecturer at Beckmans School of Design and Maria Göransdotter, senior lecturer in design history and design theory at the School of Design at Umeå University, contribute texts to the exhibition catalog.

Female Traces is produced by Möbeldesignmuseum in Stockholm.

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