Färg & Blanche @ Teatro Arsenale, Milano

Färg & Blanche @ Teatro Arsenale, Milano

A solo exhibition questioning the relationship between
hard and soft, presenting more than 10 new objects.

Teatro Arsenale
5 VIE – Via Cesare Correnti 11

FÄRG & BLANCHE will present their latest work in a large solo exhibition summarizing their tailoring approach to furniture design. On show a series of new products and new techniques featuring metal stitched furniture items.

The 200 square meter Teatro Arsenale, formerly a church that today is used as a theatre, will for a week be transformed in an experimental laboratory questioning the relationship between hard and soft materials, production methods, and shapes.

After sewing in wood, the Swedish-French design duo, Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche are now turning their heavy-duty sewing machine to metal, being the first to create new furniture by stitching in metal directly with a sewing machine. ”We have been playing with the values behind what is soft and what is hard in both material and shapes for a long time.” says Fredrik Färg. ”When we combine a hard material with a soft technique, like when we are stitching in wood with our WOOD TAILORINGtechnique, we manage to give the hard a soft look.”

The inspiration for ARMOUR mon AMOUR derives from an art-in-residence stay in Japan last year, where the samurai armour intrigued them. ”We were fascinated by the mix of hard and soft material, and how they attach to each other,” says Emma Marga Blanche. ”The different pieces create a shell when combined together, a protection in three-dimensional form. We were also intrigued by the fact that these armour conveyed a strong personality to the warriors.”

FÄRG & BLANCHE has combined textile, leather, felt, as well as metal in a research for what the duo call extreme sewing for furniture. ”The craft and the process of making are really important as a fundamental part of our process as designers.” they claim in unison, ”we like to push the frontiers of innovation and experiment and to be a part of the future, while at the same time keeping old knowledge alive combining craft and technology.”

ARMOUR mon AMOUR will include more than 10 new furniture items and objects, large sculptures and light installations. 
Their praised Couture armchair for B.D Barcelona Design, where they have yet again made use of their unique Wood Tailoring™ technique, will also be present. On display will also be the Julius collection for Gärsnäs, the Frankie chair for Johanson design, the succession tableware for Petite Friture and a new carpet collection for Asplund. Several of the objects shown in the exhibition are the result of a collaboration with Bolon, the internationally renowned design company, where Bolon´s woven material have been used as upholstery. This is part of Bolon´s “innovators at Heart”, a concept that showcases the company´s experimental and collaborative approach to material production.

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05pm – midnight




5 VIE – Via Cesare Correnti 11 h.


Tram 2,3,14,
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