Faggio – ateljé Lyktan

Faggio – ateljé Lyktan

Trees and their beauty are the inspiration behind the design of Faggio table and floor lamps. Bringing nature’s forms and features indoors at work or at home creates an intriguing balance between outside and in, between the organic and the geometric.

Faggio is available in white, black and silver and has an aluminum frame and a simple, neat, avant-garde style. The floor lamp and the larger table model are based on a modular design concept that allows every part of the luminaires to be installed, extended, shortened, rotated and adjusted according to the angular spread, form and function desired by the user. “It’s easy to change Faggio’s appearance,” says Product Manager Malin Gadd. “Every user can create their own, unique luminaire.”

The light is designed by the user depending on how the light branches are angled. With a single main switch and individual switches for each light branch it’s possible to select overall or individual control. Once plugged in Fag- gio is in stand-by mode and the on/off button lights up at regular intervals (a soft, rhythmic flashing) to help the user more easily find it to switch the lamp on even in the dark.

Faggio is fitted with LEDs and can achieve a maximum luminaire output of 35 W. Each light branch is fitted with 25 0.4 W LEDs. The luminaire is well shaded and meets or exceeds luminance requirements for workplaces. With its inspiration from nature, low energy consumption and long life, Faggio provides eco-friendly lighting in more ways than one.

Design by Darfon.


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